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T 43 Castle Interior Door

T43 wooden door
T43 wooden door
T43 solid wood door
The T43 is a sturdy Spanish front door that is based on an original from the 16th and 17th century. Due to its robust design with at least 4 vertical and horizontal cross-panels and thick cover planks the door used to be especially popular in defensive structures such as monasteries and castles. In addition to decorative studs on the cover planks, the door also impresses with its hand-forged square-cut grid that is true to the original design. As the original door did not use any glass, it also does not have any interior shutters. 
Key data:
Solid wood front door, solid pine, with insulation glass window and interior shutter, incl. door frame up to 15cm, insulation window, interior insulation, double seam, circumferential seal, wrought iron grid, stop rail, one-sided decorative batten, hand-forged decorative studs, hinges and handle sets, impregnated and glazed surface